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Weeing the bed is discusting! and it's called, it's called, called uren yourin urine? URINATING and only dirty boys do it!

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did you see someone stupid boy wet his bed? he must be a real baby.

Yes! No one wees the bed when they're five! It's naughty!

ew. so did he really do it?

I think he did, do you think he did?

yeah...yeah, I think he did. it sounds like he did.

what a stupid git.

i dint do NOTHIN. only stoppid ppl believe evrthing they reed!

"I didn't do nothing. Only stupid peeple believe evrything they read."

You spelled it all wrong. You can't spell, so your stupid!

only nerds care bout speling so yor a NERD

you're just jealous because you can't and you wet the bed and no one else did.

i dont need to spel cus ive got a trust fund an im RICH

Rimmer...pretty much is 100% little kid

thats what your dad said you did!!

hes not my dad an i dint wet the bed, he wet my bed an blamed it on me cus he was shamed that hes a bedwetter!

thats a stupid excuse, bed wetter!

What a brat she is. :c

Logan is mean and silly anyway and it serves him rite to wet his bed!!

aka: Catherine is a shameless tagdropper :c

I didn't find your room before!

I spent all night watching old waxwork horror movies c:


What are you doing now?

I dunno. drawing and things.

EWWWWW! Who wet their bed? that's dirty!

he dosnt wanna admit that he did it so hes blamin me

And he's an adult.

U sure he peed the bed?

Grown ups dont wet the bed.

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