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Bawwww hold me :c
[Georges voice is incredibly clipped and formal for the duration of this post.]

I'm sure I don't have to tell you this, but if anyone should come across Aleera before I get to her then, then do not approach her. Just try to get away from her quickly.

[There's an incredibly uncomfortable pause, then he adds quickly.]

And, and nothing, nothing that she said about me? Should be of any concern to anybody. I'm--I--I, I, I manage my condition.

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[filtered but not voice]

Then it's true?

[filtered but not voice]

It is not true!

What she was saying-- It-- I have never killed anyone and I'm never going too!

What happened to me--what happened to me was outside of my control, but I control myself!

[filtered but not voice]

But you are a werewolf? I'm not accusing anyone of killing. I'm sorry I wasn't clear which of her claims I was asking about.

[filtered but not voice]


I have a--

It is not the same as me. Sometimes... sometimes there are moments when we're close, but I'm not it.

[filtered but not voice]

Can you explain? Perhaps when this crisis is past.

[filtered but not voice]


After I've spoken to Aleera, I'd be happy to meet and talk to you about it. Just, not right now.

I'm not entirely certain. She should be powered down enough that she's mostly harmless, but I honestly don't know for certain.

In terms of what she would do if she could it... is really not something that should happen.

Got it. You know, I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often.

I've not been here too long. For all I know it does happen more often, and this month's just been lucky.

Oh, well then. That's awesome. Me either. So look, I'm pretty sturdy, how about I go looking for her and I sit on her if I find her so people can sort out her... complaint?

No! No, no, look, I'm going after her now, but I don't know if The Admiral has brought her down enough that she's not going too, going--


Look, I really, really don't want anyone to get hurt because she doesn't like having a new warden. If I can find her, I can take care of this, just, just, please, just don't let yourself get hurt over this.

I'd tell you not to worry about it, but that's probably futile. You're so sure you won't get hurt?

I have, uh, unusual circumstances. I can take her.

Fuck, man... If ever there was a reason to doubt the sanity of these pairings, this would be it.

Look, we haven't met, but while I don't exactly get on terribly well with your kind, I get on with hers, even less. You want her dead, just give me the word. I've been dying for an excuse.

I do not want her dead! And, look, her kind is not-- they're not, they're more than just--

Look, I know what they can do, I know what kind of damage they're capable of, but that isn't all they are. They were human once, and there's some of that still in all of them. Even her.

Bet ya' a shiny new nickel she won't give a damn about wanting to reverse that...

They never do.

I don't know, maybe most of them don't want to change, most of them don't believe they can.

Not all of them though.

Yeah, well, none from my world.

From what I've heard and seen, she's pretty much your typical 'spoilt little bitch girl', with fangs.

That and a whole lot of nastiness.

Well, then all she needs to do is learn to grow up.

The nastiness, is something we'll deal with separately.

You're not hurt, are you?

Aleera's been here a while; not the sort of Inmate I'd like to tangle with at full power.

Who? Who, wh-wait you mean me?

[He gives a slight laugh.]

No, no no nononono, I'm fine, I'm perfectly all right, I just need to make sure that no one else gets hurt, that's all.

No, don't, don't you worry about me, I can take Aleera. If nothing else my Star of David would be enough to weaken her somewhat.

Private - Late comments, bb, gotta love 'em

So it's true you are a werewolf, then?

Edited at 2009-06-19 11:37 pm (UTC)

Private - Comments from you, bb, that's what I love!!

I... have a condition.

Private - Aren't you sweet? <3

I see.

That was you, was it? That howl not too long ago?


My, my... my condition, my condition makes it...

I have trouble containing myself.

I do understand. I've had some dealings with werewolves.

I'm not sure we've been introduced. I'm Rupert Giles.

Oh? You, uh, you...

...really? Werewolves?

Uh, sorry, nice to meet you. George Sands, nice to meet you.

I wasn't expecting to meet many people who were, uh, familiar with...

Well, you know.

Pleased to meet you, George.

Well, in my line of work... A young man I knew shared your problem. If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask me.

Private - Have some SUSPICION

...I'm sorry, but if you don't mind me asking, what is your line of work? And, how, how did you help him?

It probably won't, ah, won't mean much to you, but I was a Watcher.

I helped contain him during the change, sometimes kept tranquilisers handy just in case, that sort of thing...

You... watch things?

I-- Right now? I plan on spending all full moons in level zero, I should be all right for being contained. Although... If you still have the tranquilizers? Just... just in case?

I thought you wouldn't know it... No. Well, yes, I do watch things, but my role was essentially to act as a mentor and teacher to the Slayer, a young girl with supernatural powers with which she can kill demons and vampires that threaten the world.

That's probably a wise course of action. I believe Level 0 is secure enough to hold the, uh, wolf... The tranquilisers, yes, I do have them here. Would you like me to, er, to remain on guard in Level 0 when you change?

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