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Just for the Record? When Aleera says "I think you'd make a great friend" or, "Come see me and I'll make you my friend"?

This should be taken to read: "Vampire", so let me be absolutely clear about this, She does not want you to be her friend, she wants to turn you undead!

...Afterwhich, I suppose she might be friends with you anyway, but that's not the point, the point is? Don't.

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Not dead! Undead! Not killing! Not killing all the way!

Then maybe Aleera would have those who UNDERSTAND HER!

No, not killing all the way but it's still not right!

Aleera, you can't trick people into letting you do this to them just because you're lonely!

Yes! I can! I did! Only you interrupted this!

If Aleera can no longer return to family, then she must be allowed the making of family!

Or perhaps you would like to watch...

I don't mean you're incapable of doing it Aleera, I mean morally you can't do it.

You don't make someone family just by turning them into one of you, they wouldn't automatically love you for it! If you don't want to be lonely anymore then make real friends! Let them talk to you without having to be afraid!

But I wish to do it...

You are speaking nonsense! Of course they would adore! This is what the changing of shadows brings!

Find me volunteers, little wolf... I will let you watch.

Where I'm from that's not what it brought, what makes you so certain that's what it would bring here?

You are not doing this!

Those from your world are not of my bloodline, Sir...

Perhaps I already have. Perhaps I await their waking from slumber.

What would you do then?

What makes you so certain that it depends on your blood and not theirs?

And, well, fist of all, you've not, because I'd know, but if you had?

I'd go to apologise to them, and then... I'd find some way to fix it.

Then time shall tell, will it not?

For both matters...

It wasn't hard to read between the lines, and I never said I'd meet her alone, or in private. You worry too much, to the exclusion of faith in other Wardens' capabilities.

Oh, well after the frighteningly reassuring month we've had, you're quite right! Obviously I should just automatically assume that all other wardens are familiar with my inmates behavior, and won't accidentally aggravate her even if they are!

I shouldn't warn people that my inmates suggestion of friendship is actually a desire to eat people, and I certainly shouldn't discourage people from taking her up on it!

My, what a terrible warden I must be!

Do you always do this when people tell you to calm down? (By "this" I mean swerve wildly into hyperbolic sarcasm.)

And please, I'm handling the Master. I don't want to play "My Inmate is More Dangerous Than Yours"; I'm just pointing out I understand. I would do the same thing. I just wouldn't assume the Warden knew nothing, especially since I'm new, and I wouldn't freak out. Take it as a suggestion, not a criticism.

Excuse me? First of all, I don't care how you handle your inmate, I don't know how your inmate has anything to do with this! I was just telling you that my inmate was going to try and kill you, and whether or not you think you could take her? I don't think it'll be at all good for her development for you to walk into a situation knowing that she's going to try and do this!

Contrary to your response? This post wasn't actually aimed at you, since I assumed when I told you that she was going to try and kill you? You'd just go "Oh, I understand! I'll try and befriend her in a more neutral setting at another time then!" as opposed to telling me that it was FINE, you're probably un-vampirable anyway! I'm sorry, but when it comes to this kind of situation? That is absolutley not enough of a reassurance for me!

I think somebody needs to relax. Perhaps you should visit the Infirmary. Libby could write you a prescription, if she isn't too busy guzzling the pills herself.

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You're failing the test, Harold.

You're really fixated on Libby. We'll have to talk about that sometime. You can lie on the leather couch and everything.

The idealists break more beautifully than the rest.

Besides, she antagonised me. Perhaps she'll think before poking next time.

1) She threatened to kill me.
2) She's called me an irredeemable monster several times, and that sort of attitude completely perverts and undermines the very purpose of this noble place!
3) She thought it was funny when the Doctor abandoned me once again, which really set back my rehabilitative progress! I was so close to a breakthrough, you realise, and she just set me riiiight back to my old ways.


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Uh huh. Breakthrough. Well, that's just tragic. I'm sure from now on you'll give her a wide berth.

Oh, absolutely. I know, after all, that the woman can no longer be reasoned with.

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Go play in traffic. With a dalek.

Oh, but just think of those poor motorists!

Way to ruin his sulk by making him ACTUALLY VISUALIZE HIS SUGGESTION and thus start lolling.

As I said, I was pointing out that I understand.

I was going to try to befriend her in a neutral setting this time. That's the thing about assumptions. If you'd asked... but you'd rather immediately freak out.

You were afraid she would hurt me; I told you she probably can't. I'm not sure what else would be more reassuring.

I'm sorry, responding to her saying that she wants to make new "friends" and that you should come and meet her with the words, "great plan"? Kind of sounds like you were going to walk into a situation where my inmate was expecting to get her family back. Not neutral in any way.

I'm sure-- Maybe? You would have talked her down and she would have just expected meeting with you to be a talk with a potential friend, but I have a responsibility to her as well as to protect other people from her.

This isn't just about feeding. She's lonely. I didn't want you getting hurt and I didn't want her getting her hopes up about having someone willing to be turned and become "family" in that way.

I know my reaction has been... maybe less than gentle, but while you might be able to discern that you can take care of yourself? There's no way I could expect you to be aware of her specific issues, or how significant you indicating that you wanted this could have been to her.

I would've definitely had to have talked her into meeting me elsewhere. Step one was introducing myself and being friendly enough to secure that agreement. During which other things might have been discussed, but that's a might have been. In any case, sorry for distressing you.

It's quite all right. I apologise for underestimating your intentions. I do think that it would be good for her to forge some relationships here that aren't based on a desire to make them like her, just... be careful.

Private - She's trying to be soothing. Her fail wagon has square wheels.

George, I think perhaps you should take a few deep breaths and try to calm down.

You're clearly agitated, and the best way to handle these minor incidents is in a calm, clear-headed manner, and take into consideration the possibility that Aleera may be saying these things to goad you.

Private - George just emits rays of ANTI-SOOTHED

I am perfectly calm! Do you see me doing anything I'm likely to regret? This is for the benefit of anyone who doesn't already know:

My Inmate has decided to make a new family by eating people. Do not let her eat you.

Do you always have this much trouble controlling your temper?

I'm sorry, do I seem to be having trouble controlling myself?

I am discussing this with Aleera, and I am putting up a warning for anyone unfamiliar with what she means, so if you'd like to point out where I handle this inappropriately then I would be more than happy to listen.

You seem angry and caustic.

I'm only trying to extend my support; there's no reason to view it as an attack.

Oh, I'm not angry! I'm just... a little frustrated, and while I appreciate your support? I don't think I need your feedback on how I am handling this.

My inmate wants her family back. Even if she is trying to goad me in this particular instance, I am not going to assume that is the case when I know this is something important to her.

Private - Janeway says: You're on your own.

Alright, then.

You know where to find me.

Private - George says: Get off my lawn!

Thank you.

He's bitter about his being taken hostage

Can't you do something to keep her in line?

I don't think I could be changed...maybe I should try talking to her? We've.... talked... before.

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