Action! Open
[George slowly pushes open his door and peers out into the hall. He doesn't see any bad people... so with great care, he steps out of the room, and carefully pulls the door shut behind him, before setting off down the corridor.]

1 - If this was a voice post there would be 70% more stutter!
Right. Well. So. Here we are then. My name is George, and I am a warden, and I have only just arrived here today. So, I was just wondering if it wouldn't be too much trouble could somebody please give me some small indication of exactly what it is we are expected to do if we're not currently assigned to anyone?

Oh! Entry procedure! What's the entry procedure here? There must- there must be forms or something, paperwork or something we're supposed to fill in, surely there is some kind of official Warden registry so that we know that people aren't just, disappearing off into thin air or something stupid like that?


[Locked to the Admiral]

Would you please, please tell me why, why, why, why, why we don't have any entry procedures? Are you keeping track of us at all?


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