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7 - George is devastated.
Bawwww hold me :c
How could this have happened? How, how the hell, could we have let this happen when we all knew that it was coming? How could no one have gotten through to them? How could nothing have been done to stop it when there were wardens talking about how we knew something was coming?

How did we all manage to miss this?

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Because you're all incompetent?

You know, you might be right on that.

I know! It feels so good to be right.

'Cause someone locked me the hell up!

What, a few hours before this started? Less? It shouldn't have gotten that far! We should have just sat down and talked about this, and changed what needed to be changed before it came to this!

Don't give me that. They wanted unconditional disarmament. Even if that's what West was after, do you really think the rest would've been content to simply sit down and talk? At least one of them threatened to kill a warden, just recently, without provocation.

Why do you think they wanted disarmament? Because as long as we have the power here, we need to take responsibility for what we as a collective do!

We didn't take responsibility, so they decided we didn't deserve the power. I'm not saying they were right? But I'm saying that one requires the other.

Well, gee, let me see... I think they wanted disarmament for the same reason as convicts do IN ANY OTHER PRISON!

Screw collective responsibility. I'm not taking the rap for what somebody else does. I don't have a fucking clue what the rest of you do, all day! Frankly? I don't even care.

"How could no one have gotten through to them?"

Welcome to the Barge.

They didn't do this because they're crazy, they did this because while things kept on escalating we? Did nothing! One of us attacked one of them for something he'd already been punished for, and who decided what happened to her? What did happen to her? And how many times before have they seen this just not get dealt with?

I should have said something. I kept on thinking that this was wrong and I just, I just didn't say anything because Aleera wasn't involved in it, so it wasn't my problem.

I should have said something then.

They're not difficult to reach because they're crazy, either. They're difficult to reach period, never mind miscommunication and an inability to stay organized on our part. Apparently we're to govern ourselves, and I expect things will be much neater on that front from now on, as I would've expected things would have been without that... interruption. But you had a big enough problem with Aleera. I don't think it's unreasonable to want to focus on that.

Saying something wouldn't have been enough for them, anyhow.

I don't mean saying something to them, I mean saying something to the other wardens. This isn't something we can just assume will go away.

I hope you're right about things getting better.

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